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樂團介紹 / Introduce your band
I love music. I like singing. I like writing songs and I love to share my songs with my friends.

為了避免將來自己寫歌流入 一面倒 題材,本人將歌曲分成類:
1 詠主糸列- 基督徒信仰歌曲 (連結在上格,一按便可收聽)
2 情愛糸列- 人與人之間的感情歌曲
3 城市糸列- 香港都市有關的歌曲
4醫生糸列- 記載關於醫務人和事的歌曲
There are so many things happening around us. These things are the sources of my inspiration to make songs. Thus I put them into several categories,
1 Praise the Lord Series: songs related to Christianity
2 Love Series: songs expressing love between people
3 City Series: songs documenting current issues happening in our local city.
4 Medical Series: songs of medical issues.

I deeply hope that I can write songs with life. It can communicate with the audiences about things and people, about love and insight, about reminding us to care and to think etc. Songs are my diaries.

音樂創作或多或少都是由主觀感發起,少不免會有點自我中心。差不多全部的朋友聽過我的歌後,總認為當中衹有一二成的是好聽的歌,奇怪的是所稱為好歌的很小機會和其他朋友說的有重覆,確實是 各花入各眼 之理。
Arts are something subjective. Hopefully I am not too self-centered! Haha…….
Most of my friends told me that only about 20% of my songs are good listening. Interestingly, I seldom to find the favorite songs of one guy will overlap the favorite songs of another guy!
Any problem with it? I don’t know!! Haha……

As it is believed that only 20% of my songs are good listening, my friends will be very curious to know how I feel about my songs. The reply to them is so… easy: I love my songs, I think ALL OF THEM ( 100%) are so good listening!! They live as if my children. I create them and I know them very very much. To me, all are beautiful and even I gave birth to a kid with congenital abnormality, I still think he is wonderful in my eyes!

樂團成員 / Band's member
All by myself

樂團簡歷 / Band History
My frist performance:
Timing: Primary one
Venue: Teacher/ staff office of a primary school
Stage: Desk of my teacher
Song: 今天不回家 ( Song in Manderine )
Dancer: Myself!
Fans: Teachers

音樂類型 / Genres地區 / Residence
--Music--  香港  

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